Are You Ready?

Are you ready for a data storage and transmission standard that meets your standards? Are you ready to pull vendor services through a pipeline that ties seamlessly to legacy and loan origination systems? Are you ready for secure receipt of regulatory-sensitive reports and data, archived for future reference? Are you ready for access to collateral data extracted real time for limitless cross-application purposes?



Features and Benefits

Appraisal data freed from both paper and form

Historically, appraisals have been delivered either as PDFs via email or on paper. In either case, the data in these reports had to be re-keyed into your work flow management system for processing and use. AI Ready delivers appraisal reports not as images or paper, but as usable data free from form and paper. Data extracted from the report is immediately and automatically imported into your management system for analytics, reporting and portfolio management, cutting days and dollars out of the closing process.

Immediate automated appraisal review based on your business rules

Appraisal reports are received via AppraisalPort and processed through FNC’s Collateral Management System® (CMS®). AI Ready files are immediately and automatically reviewed upon receipt, based upon your business rules and risk checks. FNC's datacentric infrastructure automates approximately 80 percent of appraisal processing, leaving only 20 percent—the exception cases—to human review.

An open data standard

FNC's Open Appraisal Document Interface (OADI) enables appraisal forms software developers to incorporate the Appraisal Institute’s open XML standard for real property information. What does this open standard mean to you? With every major forms software vendor adopting the XML standards and incorporating the OADI upload/download components into their packages, your pool of potential appraisers is as large as the industry itself. FNC’s CMS/AppraisalPort® conduit, fueled by AI Ready delivered data, gives you instantaneous access to qualified appraisers across the country, all from one unified interface.

Integrated data access within workflow management

AI Ready collateral data is extracted in real-time for limitless cross-application purposes within your day-to-day workflow management. Analytics, reporting, review, portfolio management, archiving—with AI Ready your options are infinite. All without re-keying data.

Cuts time and costs associated with closing

What more is there to say? Your staff accomplishes more work, faster and with less headaches and error. No matter the ebb and flow of origination volume, you'll be equipped to ride the wave to a better bottom line.